Call for proposals

Dear BioHackers,

To extend our invitation to those who have fresh ideas, we call for submission of your proposals.
Submission deadline is *** May 5th, 2017 *** extended for the 2nd round by *** May 28th, 2017 ***.

After screening by the organizers, the authors of successful proposals will be invited with financial support for travel expenses (one author per a proposal). We are particularly interested in promoting development for standardization and interoperability of life sciences / biomedical databases and their applications in data science such as:
  • Standardization of RDF data, metadata, ontologies and provenance
  • Interoperable system for interlinking database resources
  • Development of tools for automation, utilization and documentation of RDF data
  • Development of applications including visualization for Linked Open Data
  • Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies on RDF data
  • Data science to grasp information from large scale and heterogeneous RDF datasets
  • Reproducible research and workflows for bioinformatics, wet biology and robotics
  • Natural language processing, literature annotation and QA system for knowledge discovery
  • Quality assessment of SPARQL endpoints, RDF data and triple stores
The target domains may include:
  • Human genome variation, epigenomics, drugs and biomedical information
  • Other animal, plant and microbial genomics with phenotypes and orthology
  • Omics including metagenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and glycomics
  • Any other relevant life sciences and biomedical research
Please send your proposal including the following sections:
  • Abstract of your proposal
  • Novelty of your idea
  • Possibility of collaboration/connection with existing apps or methods
  • Software dependency, system architecture
  • Estimated time of completion for prototyping and/or production
  • RDF datasets/SPARQL endpoints to be used (if any)
  • Related work, references and URLs (if any)
  • GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)
  • Figure to describe your idea (optional but highly recommended)
  • Financial support option
Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the organizers in terms of creativity, usefulness, feasibility, and suitability for the BioHackathon.

Note that we will not disclose your applications and how we evaluate your proposals. The number of selected proposals depends on our limited budget.

Please feel free to distribute this message to appropriate candidates!