Access guide to the BioHackathon 2017
  • Sep 8 (Fri) Arrival to Tokyo
  • Sep 9 (Sat) - 10 (Sun) Symposium @ JST Science Plaza (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sep 11 (Mon) - 16 (Sat) Hackathon @ Hotel Taikan (Morioka, Iwate, Japan)
If you are an invitee, your hotels are reserved at:
  • Sep 8 (Fri) - Sep 11 (Mon): Tokyo Green Palace (Tokyo, Japan)
    • On Sep 8th, please check in to the hotel by yourself.
    • On Sep 11th, a charter bus to the Tokyo station will be available in the morning (8AM).
  • Sep 11 (Mon) - 16 (Sat): Hotel Taikan (Morioka, Iwate, Japan)
    • On Sep 11th, your Shinkansen express ticket to Morioka will be provided by organizers on site.
    • A charter bus from the Morioka station to the hotel will be available. Follow the organizers.
    • On Sep 16th, a charter bus from the the hotel to the Morioka station will be available.
    • Your Shinkansen express ticket to Tokyo will be provided by organizers on site.
    • Your arrival to Tokyo on Sep 16th will be evening.
Regardless of you are invited or not, participants of the hackathon may use those charter buses for free.

If you arrive at the Tokyo Narita/Haneda airport:

From Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) to Tokyo
From Tokyo station to Morioka station
Discount tickets for foreign visitors:
  • It might be worth considering JR East Pass etc. for purchase if you stay longer in Tokyo/Kanto/Tohoku area

BioHackathon 2017